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Đề thi vào lớp 6 môn giờ đồng hồ Anh tất cả đáp án (trường Nguyễn tất Thành - Hà Nội)

Đề tuyển chọn sinh vào lớp 6

Môn: giờ đồng hồ Anh

thời hạn làm bài: 45 phút

Question 1-13: Circle the letter A,B,C or D to indicate the correct answer of each the following questions.

Question 1:This is the first time I ___________ this film.

 A. Am seeing

 B. Saw

 C. See

 D. Have seen

Question 2:They haven’t seen each other ______________ Christmas.

 A. Since

 B. For

 C. At

 D. In

Question 3:He was born in England. English is his _____________.

 A. Mother tongue

 B. First language

 C. Foreign language

 D. A & B are correct

Question 4:_____________ is Teachers’ Day in Malaysia?

 A. Who

 B. What

 C. Where

 D. When

Question 5:People go to a __________ lớn look at the famous works of art.

 A. Stadium

 B. Gallery

 C. Theater

 D. Fair

Question 6:You should _____________ your lesson before the examination.

 A. Read

 B. Look

 C. Revise

 D. Study

Question 7:Keep all dangerous things out of children’s _____________.

 A. Hands

 B. Place

 C. Reach

 D. Head

Question 8:Students should work ___________ to lớn make their parents happy.

 A. Hard

 B. Hardly

 C. In hard way

 D. More hardly

Question 9:What are ____________? – They are pens.

 A. This

 B. That

 C. Those

 D. There

Question 10:Make sure that the needles aresterile.

 A. Không lấy phí from bacteria

 B. Slightly clean

 B. Straight

 D. Unused

Question 11:She is a _______ girl with _______.

 A. Green-eyes/ red hair

 B. Green-eyed/ red hairs

 C. Green-eye/ a red hair

 D. Green-eyed/ red hair

Question 12:They spent a lot of money on food and clothes.

 a) A lot of money was spent on food & clothes.

 b) A lot of money were spent on food và clothes.

 c) A lot of money on food và clothes were spent.

 d) A lot of money on food & clothes was spent.

Question 13:My classroom is ____________ the second floor.

 A. In

 B. On

 C. At

 D. About

Question 14-16: Circle the letter A, B, C or D khổng lồ indicate the most suitable response lớn complete each of the following exchanges.

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Question 14:–“How far is it from here lớn the nearest post office?" –“_____________.”

 A. Turn left and then turn right

 B. Two kilometers at least

 C. No, it"s rather far

 D. Yes, it"s quite near he

Question 15:–“What will we vị when we want to điện thoại tư vấn the Fire Service?” –“______________”

 A. Dial 113

 B. Dial 114

 C. Dial 115

 D. Dial 116

Question 16:–“What bởi you usually do on your day off?” –“___________________”

 A. I usually drive to lớn work

 B. I will sleep all day

 C. I usually do not much

 D. Nothing much. I always sleep until noon


Question 17-20: Read the following passage & circle the letter A, B, C or D lớn indicate the answer lớn each of the following questions.

It is five o’clock in the evening when Rene Wagner come home from work. She walks into the living room và looks at her three children. They are 14,13 and 9 years old. They are watching TV. The living room is a mess. There are dirty socks on the floor và cookies on the sofa. Games & toys are everywhere. Rene is angry, “This place is a mess” she tells her children, “I can’t work all day và then bởi housework all evening. I’m not going to vày housework!”Rene doesn’t vì chưng housework. She doesn’t clean or wash dishes. She doesn’t wash clothes, either. Every evening she sits on the sofa & watches TV.

After two weeks, every plate, fork và glass in the house is dirty. All the children’s clothes are dirty. Every garbage basket is full. The house is a mess.

Then, one day Rene comes home from work & gets a big surprise. The kitchen is clean. The children clean the kitchen !

The next day, the living room is clean, and the children are washing their clothes. Rene tells the children “OK, I’ll vị the housework again. But you have lớn help me.”

Now Rene & her three children vì the housework together. Then they all sit on the sofa và watch TV!

Question 17.When Rene came trang chủ from work, she found the house ________________.

 A. Clean và dirty

 B. Dirty & tidy

 C. Dirty và untidy

 D. Clean but untidy

Question 18.Rene told her children _________________.

 A. To vị the housework

 B. She couldn’t do housework

 C. Not to vị housework

 D. She wouldn’t do housework

Question 19.Some days later, the house was clean again because ______________.

 A. She couldn’t let it that way

 B. Her children did housework.

 C. Her children didn’t bởi housework.

 D. She did housework again.

Question 20.Now Rene does housework again because __________________.

 A. Her children help her.

 B. They can watch TV together.

 C. Her children wash their clothes.

 D. Her children don’t vị it.

Question 21-24: Read the mô tả tìm kiếm of some words. Write the correct words in the boxes.

Question 21:A person who treats people’s teeth. (7 letters)

Question 22:A phối of rooms on each floor of a large building. (9 letters)

Question 23:Money that you save in the bank. (7 letters)

Question 24:Fill in the missing word to complete the English proverb “A bad beginning ...............… a bad ending.” (5 letters)