Taking thetime to lớn learn and practice them will make answering Listening questions a loteasier & undoubtedly increase your score.

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1) Question Analysis

The listeningtest contains four recordings. Before listening to each of them you will begiven time (around 20-35 seconds) to lớn read the questions they relate to.

Use this timewell. It might not sound very long but it’s long enough to vày theimportant preparation work that will enable you to lớn complete the questionssuccessfully.

When analysingthe questions, there are 3 key things khổng lồ note:

a)    Whichsection of the demo are they in?

b)     Whattype of questions are they?

c)     Whatsort of information vày you need to lớn listen for?

These willall give you valuable clues to understanding the audio recording và identifyingthe correct answers.

a) thử nghiệm sections

There are 4 parts or sections khổng lồ the IELTS Listening test.

Section1 – A conversation between two peopleset in an everyday social context (e.g. Booking tickets khổng lồ the theatre).

Section2 – A monologue mix in an everydaysocial context (e.g. A welcome talk for new college students).

Section3 – A conversation between up to lớn fourpeople phối in an educational or training context (e.g. A group of studentsdiscussing a university assignment).

Section4 – A monologue on an academicsubject (e.g. A lecture on wildlife).

If youmemorise these, you will know the general context of each audio before it playsand how many people will be talking – one (a monologue), two people in conversationor a group conversation.

This mightnot seem especially important to lớn know but any clues you have as to what youwill be listening lớn will be helpful. This information will also help you to bebetter prepared mentally for the demo which will reduce your bao tay level andenable you khổng lồ think more clearly và listen more effectively.

b) Question types

The next part of this firstIELTS listening strategy concerns question types.

You will beasked a variety of different types of questions selected from this list. Mosttypes could appear in any of the four sections of the test.

You must be able to lớn quickly identify what types of questions you are required to lớn answer. Sometimes the introduction will tell you or it will be obvious, e.g. It’s a plan or maps that requires labels. Other times, you will have to lớn look more closely khổng lồ decide.

As with everything, you will master this with practice.

c)     What sort of information do you need lớn listen for?

Knowing thetype of question will help you to lớn predict the sort of information you need tolisten out for.

I’ll say more about this in the second of our IELTSlistening strategies. I also go into this topic in depth in the lessons on eachof the questions types. 

Click the link above or atthe bottom of the page to see these lessons.

2) Answer Prediction

To predict ananswer is khổng lồ say what type of word you think it will be based on the evidenceyou have. That evidence will be in the question clues we’ve just been talkingabout and the information in the questions.

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We’ll look atan example in a minute but first, here are some things you may be able topredict:

Thetype of information required, e.g. Name, date, phone number, percentage, price,place name.Thetype of word required, e.g. Noun, adjective, verb.Synonymsor paraphrasing that might be used, e.g. ‘a half’ for ‘50%’, ‘located in thecountryside’ for ‘is in a rural area’.

Sometimes,you"ll be able lớn predict the actual word.

I coversynonyms & paraphrasing in more detail in this lesson: IELTS Listening Skills.

Here’s a formcompletion sample question to lớn illustrate the strategy of prediction.


                               Source:Official IELTS website www.ieltsessentials.com

These are the answer predictions we can make:

Answers 1 and2 will be proper nouns so you must write them starting with a capital letter. Thisis another little clue that will ensure you get your answer exactly right.

You‘ll findlots more help with answer prediction in the IELTSListening Skills lesson.

To sum upprediction, it is one of the most valuable of our IELTS listening strategiesbecause it identifies the type of information you will need khổng lồ listen out forin the recording.

3) keyword Clues

Item numberthree in our danh mục of IELTS listening strategies is also to vị with predictionbut particularly relevant for questions containing a lot of text as opposed toa diagram, map, plan or table.

The techniqueis lớn identify the keyword or phrases in the question. Why? Because theanswers will very likely be synonyms or paraphrasing of these.

I’llillustrate this strategy with a sample question about hotels which requires you to match information.


                             Source: Official IELTS trang web www.ieltsessentials.com

Step 1 is lớn underline the key words in the answers, e.g.

1     is in a rural area

2     only opened recently

3     offers facilities for business functions

Step 2 is to quickly think of some possible synonyms (s) & related (r) words lớn listen out for in the audio.

Here are some that immediately come khổng lồ mind:

rural area – country or countryside (s)opened recently – new (s), refurbished (r)business functions – events (s), conferences (r), meetings (r)

Spending 30seconds doing this will focus your mind on some key vocabulary khổng lồ listen outfor.

Here’s anextract from the recording for this question. Some of these words have indeedbeen used.

If you want something with a bit of character, Carlton House is quiteunusual – it"s a very old building that was originally a large private house. It was bought by the Vannis chain & they completely refurbished it –they took their first guests just a few months ago but it"s already got anexcellent reputation. That"s a five star hotel. Or there"s the Imperial, whichis a much more modern building. That also has its own gym & it hasinternet connection & meetings rooms – it"s used for conferencesand corporate events as well as private guests. That"s five star aswell.

Hearing the key word synonyms và related words will help you to follow và understand the information in the audio text và more easily identify the answers.

I hope you find these 3 IELTS listening strategies useful. Remember, they will only help you if you practice using them.