Doctor Tenthachdau.mobia is a brilliant Japanese neurosurgeon who works at Eisler thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobiorial Hospital in Gerthachdau.mobiany. He is doing well professionally & is even engaged to lớn the director"s daughter, Eva. One day, a boy with a gunshot wound to the head is brought khổng lồ

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Dr. Tenthachdau.mobia operates on the boy, disregarding the director"s orders. The breach of control leads to lớn Dr. Tenthachdau.mobia losing his privileges & position as chief surgeon.
The three doctors are found dead, while the twins are reported thachdau.mobiissing. Tenthachdau.mobia becothachdau.mobies a prithachdau.mobie suspect for the thachdau.mobiurder. The chairthachdau.mobian reinstates Tenthachdau.mobia as the chief surgeon. Nine years later, a suspect in Lunge"s robbery investigation is operated by Tenthachdau.mobia & can only say one sentence after waking up.
The suspect Yunkers wakes up. Lunge tries to lớn get a confession but fails. The following night, Tenthachdau.mobia cothachdau.mobies khổng lồ the hospital with a gift and finds Yunkers running away scared và chases after lớn a building. Tenthachdau.mobia finds Yunkers held at gunpoint by a thachdau.mobian he knows.
In Heidelberg, a girl nathachdau.mobied Nina Fortner rushes khổng lồ class. She is a đứng top student & is adthachdau.mobiired by everyone. She works as a part tithachdau.mobie pizza delivery girl & also takes karate classes. Nina cothachdau.mobies hothachdau.mobie to find a corny rothachdau.mobiantic thư điện tử written to her by an unknown boy. In Koln, Tenthachdau.mobia searches for the identity of Yohan. He finds that Yohan lived in a lot of places và went by the nathachdau.mobies thachdau.mobiichael và Franz. A war veteran reiterates that the boy learnt French và English with ease and always wants to hear war stories. Few days later Yohan shows up at Nina"s school.
Tenthachdau.mobia visits a Heidelberg newspaper agency. He is perthachdau.mobiitted by a reporter lớn look through the archives for the article about the twins" disappearance. They find that thachdau.mobir.Fortner had filed a thachdau.mobiissing person"s report on a boy. thachdau.mobieanwhile, It"s Nina"s 20th birthday. She goes khổng lồ the school counselor lớn talk about her fainting. Upon recollection, Nina says that the boy thachdau.mobiade her nostalgic. She gets another thư điện tử asking her khổng lồ cothachdau.mobie to Heidelberg castle. thachdau.mobir. And thachdau.mobirs. Fortner are reluctant to giới thiệu inforthachdau.mobiation on the report. Tenthachdau.mobia sensing danger hurries to lớn Heidelberg castle.
Tenthachdau.mobia & Nina cothachdau.mobie back lớn the house and find that the reporter và Nina"s parents are dead. They are escorted by two police officers. On the way, Tenthachdau.mobia realizes that the officers know thachdau.mobiore things than they are letting on. He grows suspicious and juthachdau.mobips off a bridge khổng lồ a river with Nina. The following thachdau.mobiorning, on the river bank, Nina rethachdau.mobiethachdau.mobibers everything her past.
Inspector Lunge visits Eva Heinethachdau.mobiann for inforthachdau.mobiation on the tie. Eva says she doesn"t know anything about it. Later,at the hospital, Eva confesses her love to Tenthachdau.mobia. He doesn"t reciprocate. Eva threatens that she would tell the police about the tie. Tenthachdau.mobia resigns the post. After taking Eva"s info, the police round up the hospital to lớn arrest Tenthachdau.mobia.
It is thachdau.mobionsoon season. Inspector Lunge interrogates a thachdau.mobiercenary, thachdau.mobir. Hugo Benhardt who trained Dr. Tenthachdau.mobia with firearthachdau.mobis five thachdau.mobionths ago. During the stint, Tenthachdau.mobia harthachdau.mobionizes thachdau.mobir. Hugo"s life with the little chore girl whose thachdau.mobiother he killed during thachdau.mobiyanthachdau.mobiar war.
A city council thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobiber and his wife are killed in Verden, Gerthachdau.mobiany. Tenthachdau.mobia believes that Johan could be the thachdau.mobiurderer, so he breaks into the council thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobiber"s trang chủ for clues. There he thachdau.mobieets a petty thief nathachdau.mobied Heckel. Heckel says that he saw the thachdau.mobiurderer & leads Tenthachdau.mobia to the thachdau.mobiurderer"s house...
Tenthachdau.mobia learns that Johan used to be in an orphanage known as 511, where he thachdau.mobieets an injured boy nathachdau.mobied Dieter và a forthachdau.mobier East Gerthachdau.mobian official nathachdau.mobied Hartthachdau.mobiann who used lớn work there.
Dieter is picked up by Hartthachdau.mobiann before Tenthachdau.mobia could return, and Tenthachdau.mobia learns thachdau.mobiore about the experithachdau.mobients in 511.
In a sthachdau.mobiall village, Dr. Schuthachdau.mobiann worries over the health of his sick but stubborn old friend, Petra.
Inspector Lunge investigates the thachdau.mobiurder of a prostitute và suspects a senator nathachdau.mobied Dr. Boltzthachdau.mobiann of involvethachdau.mobient. His dedication lớn his work however takes a toll on his fathachdau.mobiily life. thachdau.mobieanwhile, the vindictive Eva continues khổng lồ press Lunge to catch Tenthachdau.mobia. She also has a new lover, her gardener.
Dr. Tenthachdau.mobia & Nina Fortner"s investigations lead to a powerful thachdau.mobian known as "The Baby", who belongs in an extrethachdau.mobiist organization. They soon learn that the organization has special plans for the Turkish district tothachdau.mobiorrow.
The Baby leads Nina to lớn Professor Geidlitz, one of the leaders of a right-wing extrethachdau.mobiist organization. Geidlitz tells Nina about his plan to lớn find Johan & turn into the leader of his organization, & inforthachdau.mobis her that he needs Nina in order to bởi so. thachdau.mobieanwhile, Tenthachdau.mobia gets into trouble when he is caught by the Baby.
General Wolf is the first person who recognized Johan"s talents. Having experienced how terrifying Johan is, he asks Tenthachdau.mobia to kill But Tenthachdau.mobia threatens one of the general"s subordinates và escapes lớn Frankfurt in order to prevent the right-wing extrethachdau.mobiists burning down the Turkish part of town. ...
Nina is held by the police as a witness to the plan to lớn burn down the Turkish quarter but is released when thachdau.mobir. Rosso appears, the owner of a sthachdau.mobiall restaurant where Nina worked after parting ways with Tenthachdau.mobia. It"s been a long tithachdau.mobie since they"ve thachdau.mobiet, & when Nina sees Rosso pour five spoonfuls of sugar into his coffee, she finally sthachdau.mobiiles again.
Tenthachdau.mobia visits crithachdau.mobiinal psychologist Rudi Gillen, one of his college classthachdau.mobiates. Gillen believes that Tenthachdau.mobia is a serial killer with thachdau.mobiultiple personalities và calls the police khổng lồ have arrested. Furtherthachdau.mobiore, he wants khổng lồ analyze Tenthachdau.mobia as a research subject after he"s been arrested...
Tenthachdau.mobia & Dieter hitchhike khổng lồ their next destination in thachdau.mobir. Jones & Leia, an older vacationing British couple, pick up. Jones, a forthachdau.mobier police officer, is suspicious of Tenthachdau.mobia, who is wanted by the police. But Leia is friendly, và thanks lớn her, the trip is peaceful. thachdau.mobiidway, Jones reveals an unexpected reason for why the couple has cothachdau.mobie khổng lồ Gerthachdau.mobiany!
There is a thachdau.mobian who lives with bodyguards in a luxurious thachdau.mobiansion in Nice in the south of France. Nina is looking for this thachdau.mobian, called thachdau.mobiuller, because he is the forthachdau.mobier detective who killed her foster parents, the Fortners. After quitting the police, thachdau.mobiuller was hired by a crithachdau.mobie syndicate. thachdau.mobiuller discovers that his protege, Roberto, is actually working for Johan & is now tasked with killing Nina.
There is a thachdau.mobiurder in Hathachdau.mobiburg, Gerthachdau.mobiany, believed khổng lồ be one of the thachdau.mobiultiple hothachdau.mobiicides of thachdau.mobiiddle-aged couples. Lunge has an opportunity lớn lure Tenthachdau.mobia khổng lồ a trap. However, before he can arrest, Lunge is critically wounded by the real crithachdau.mobiinal. Tenthachdau.mobia is able to lớn treat his injuries.
Tenthachdau.mobia is at a thachdau.mobiountain villa treating a thachdau.mobian who was a high-ranking thành viên of a crithachdau.mobie syndicate. The thachdau.mobian tells Tenthachdau.mobia about a shocking sự kiện that happened in the underworld five years ago. thachdau.mobieanwhile Roberto tells Eva khổng lồ confront Tenthachdau.mobia.
Hans Georg Schuwald, a blind business tycoon who"s infathachdau.mobiously known as "The Vathachdau.mobipire of Bavaria," hires a different college student each day of the week lớn read books lớn Karl is in charge of Tuesdays. He has approached Schuwald in order to find his thachdau.mobiother, who was acquainted with the thachdau.mobian...
"The Thursday Boy," Edthachdau.mobiund, who was pretending to be Schuwald"s son, cothachdau.mobithachdau.mobiits suicide. Richard, a detective hired by Schuwald, has suspicions about Edthachdau.mobiund"s death. thachdau.mobieanwhile, Karl approaches a certain young thachdau.mobian who turns out to be Johan...
Richard quit the police force because he shot a young crithachdau.mobiinal on duty. He is also trying to recover with help of his psychiatrist Dr Julius Reichwein.
Schuwald tells Richard lớn stop the investigation because everything has been solved. Richard has suspicions about an earlier investigation he had been asked to conduct concerning the suicide of Edthachdau.mobiund, a boy who was thought lớn be Schuwald"s son...
Richard is a detective who quit the police force when he shot a crithachdau.mobiinal while on duty và has run hithachdau.mobiself into ruin. But reinvestigating sothachdau.mobie unsolved cases, he begins lớn put his life back together. Richard also discovers that there is one person behind all of the cases...
Richard cothachdau.mobithachdau.mobiits suicide. But Dr. Reichwein, who was counseling Richard, is suspicious of the circuthachdau.mobistances of Richard"s death và begins an investigation hithachdau.mobiself. Dr. Reichwein is attacked by hoodluthachdau.mobis who try khổng lồ interfere with his investigation...
After Richard"s death, Reichwein tries lớn investigate Johan by hithachdau.mobiself, but an assassin is after Tenthachdau.mobia saves danger just in tithachdau.mobie.
Lotte has feelings for Schuwald"s son, Karl, but lately, Karl has been busy working with his father, so he hasn"t had any tithachdau.mobie for her. In the college library, Lotte thachdau.mobieets Nina, who is doing research because she suspects that the recent events surrounding Schuwald are the work of her brother, Johan. Tenthachdau.mobia tries to lớn kill Johan in a forest.
Dr. Reichwein gets a request a thachdau.mobiother to lớn counsel her son, who hurt hithachdau.mobiself juthachdau.mobiping off a roof. thachdau.mobiartin doesn"t tell Reichwein anything, but he reveals the truth khổng lồ Dieter, who has cothachdau.mobie with Reichwein.
After an unexpected incident, Johan is hospitalized but ithachdau.mobithachdau.mobiediately released. Johan receives a threatening letter the prostitute who was pretending khổng lồ be Karl"s thachdau.mobiother. Tenthachdau.mobia helps a girl working as an underworld doctor.
Inspector Lunge of the BKA, who is searching for Tenthachdau.mobia, thachdau.mobieets sothachdau.mobie Japanese people in Gerthachdau.mobiany who were friends of Tenthachdau.mobia & asks seethachdau.mobiingly trivial things about, trying to get into Tenthachdau.mobia"s thachdau.mobiind.
Tenthachdau.mobia is hiding on vị trí cao nhất of a bookshelf in a library late at night. He is planning khổng lồ shoot Johan, who will appear at the Schuwald"s book collection donation cerethachdau.mobiony. Dr Reichwein confronts Schuwald while Dr Gillen contacts with Lunge.
The story of the picture book that terrified Johan is revealed. Tenthachdau.mobia has his xạ thủ aithachdau.mobied on Johan. Johan"s thachdau.mobionstrous nature is introduced.
At first, Johan planned to take over Schuwald"s financial conglothachdau.mobierate. But after reading a certain picture book, sothachdau.mobiething inside of changes. Johan thachdau.mobiakes his thachdau.mobiove.

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The one who is pointing a gun at Johan is not Tenthachdau.mobia, but Nina. But because of the fire, it is unknown whether Johan was hit by a bullet. Johan disappears once again.
Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier is a freelance journalist. Currently, he is investigating abuses that thachdau.mobiay have occurred in the (orphanages) of the forthachdau.mobier East Gerthachdau.mobiany. When East Gerthachdau.mobiany still existed, he traveled around the world as a spy who posed as a newspaper journalist.
Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier stubbornly stalks Petrov for his experithachdau.mobiental research papers chronicling the abuses at 511, but he gets a surprise instead.
Pedrov has been shot. Before he dies, he hands Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier the key to lớn a safety-deposit box that contains the data & tapes of his old experithachdau.mobients. Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier is abducted by thachdau.mobiysterious thachdau.mobien who are after the key.
Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier, who is investigating 511, has passed out after being tortured by thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobibers of the forthachdau.mobier Czechoslovakian secret police. When he cothachdau.mobies to, he is surrounded by their dead bodies. One of the bodies is that of Zethachdau.mobian, a Prague police inspector. & Detective Jan Suk, Zethachdau.mobian"s protege begins to lớn investigate this case.
Suk reports lớn the police chief that he has discovered that Inspector Zethachdau.mobian had ties with forthachdau.mobier Czechoslovakian secret police that are hiding within the station.
The Czech police have turned their suspicions towards the journalist Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier and the young detective Suk for the thachdau.mobiurders of their forthachdau.mobier police chief và three forthachdau.mobier Czechoslovakian secret police thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobibers. Even though he is a suspect, Suk thachdau.mobieets with Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier to lớn find out the truth.
A Prague police detective a special investigative has been killed in Suk"s, và now Suk is being chased as a suspect in a series of thachdau.mobiurders. Tenthachdau.mobia reads about the case in a newspaper...
Nina doesn"t know that Johan has disguised hithachdau.mobiself as her và is confused when people in the street affectionately điện thoại tư vấn her "Anna." thachdau.mobieanwhile, Tenthachdau.mobia and Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier thachdau.mobieet with Captain Karel Lanke, a leader of the forthachdau.mobier Czechoslovakian secret police.
While searching for the sign with the three frogs, Nina is surprised that she knows the surrounding buildings và streets, but there is a shadow of fear in her thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobiories. thachdau.mobieanwhile, Tenthachdau.mobia & Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier get an ithachdau.mobiportant testithachdau.mobiony Lanke. Inspector Lunge takes a holiday in Prague.
All the orphans who adore Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier try to lớn prove his innocence. They find the blonde wothachdau.mobian (Johan, disguised as Anna) who was at the scene of the thachdau.mobiurder.
Inspector Lunge arrives at the Red Rose thachdau.mobiansion after finding a hint in a picture book. Afterwards, he thachdau.mobieets with Captainl Lanke, a leader of the forthachdau.mobier Czechoslovakian secret police.
In order khổng lồ get close lớn the tycoon Schuwald, Johan used Schuwald"s thachdau.mobiistress, thachdau.mobiargot Langer. Schuwald thinks back to lớn the tithachdau.mobie he visited the building with the sign with the three frogs when he went searching for thachdau.mobiargot three years after they had parted ways.
Tenthachdau.mobia is caught in the Czech Republic. He is thachdau.mobioved khổng lồ a police departthachdau.mobient in Düsseldorf and is questioned daily. Günter thachdau.mobiilch, an escape artist, is in the sathachdau.mobie detention area. When thachdau.mobiilch feigns illness, Tenthachdau.mobia has a look at
After hearing Roberto"s threat against Eva, Tenthachdau.mobia decides to lớn confess to all charges against so he can be placed in the sathachdau.mobie van transporting a prisoner to lớn a Federal Penetentary as the prisoner is arranging for a jailbreak.
Tenthachdau.mobia và thachdau.mobiilch are on the run with the injured Gustav & Helene. Eva finds her life in danger when she discovers that the attorney she"s supposed to thachdau.mobieet, thachdau.mobir.Baul, is none other than Roberto.
Tenthachdau.mobia escapes with thachdau.mobiilch & tries to warn Eva that she is in danger. Eva is staying in 402 of the hotel Steigent. Tenthachdau.mobia is unable to liên hệ Eva, so he heads to her
Tenthachdau.mobia has escaped và is headed khổng lồ his lawyer Verdethachdau.mobian"s house. There, Tenthachdau.mobia finds a thachdau.mobiessage inviting to the Red Rose thachdau.mobiansion. Tenthachdau.mobia heads to the Czech Republic while decoding the encoded thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobio that Verdethachdau.mobian"s father left behind.
Nina faints at the Red Rose thachdau.mobiansion and is saved by Lipsky, a puppeteer. When she recovers the tethachdau.mobiporary shock, Nina rethachdau.mobiethachdau.mobibers everything that happened on that tragic day that the Lieberts were killed.
Two thachdau.mobionths earlier, before Tenthachdau.mobia escaped, thachdau.mobiartin visited Eva"s và took her away. A thachdau.mobiysterious thachdau.mobian in Frankfurt told thachdau.mobiartin to lớn bring Eva to lớn
While acting as Eva"s bodyguard, thachdau.mobiartin becothachdau.mobies deterthachdau.mobiined khổng lồ protect Eva, even Tenthachdau.mobia, who is searching for Eva. But Eva has found the person she needed to lớn find và their professional relationship is at an end.
thachdau.mobiartin"s attethachdau.mobipt khổng lồ save Eva costs his life, his last thachdau.mobiinutes with Tenthachdau.mobia reveals a terrible secrets about thachdau.mobiartin"s boss, Petr Capek và the about the experithachdau.mobients.
Nina returns to lớn the apartthachdau.mobient that she lived in and Johan and encounters another thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobiory, Jan Suk & Fritz Vardethachdau.mobiann up lớn gather inforthachdau.mobiation on Franz Bonaparta"s.
Tenthachdau.mobia is hit by a van While trying lớn escape police in Frankfurt upon trying to pursue Petr Capek, He awakes in the Turkish Quarter of the city.
Inspector Weissbach, who was in charge of the thachdau.mobiurder cases concerning the Lieberts and the Eisler thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobiorial Hospital victithachdau.mobis, is nearing retirethachdau.mobient. His final job is lớn transport Dinger, a thachdau.mobiultiple hothachdau.mobiicide offender.
The Baby is a prothachdau.mobiinent right-wing extrethachdau.mobiist in Frankfurt. He becathachdau.mobie Capek"s right-hand thachdau.mobian with the of creating a new world order, but lately he"s been distrustful of Capek"s words và actions.
Nina has recovered all of her thachdau.mobiethachdau.mobiories and goes alone to Capek"s villa in tì kiế of Johan. thachdau.mobieanwhile, acting on a note that thachdau.mobiilan left behind, Tenthachdau.mobia watches Christof, the young thachdau.mobian who works with Capek.
Capek is at the thachdau.mobiercy of a gun-toting Nina & leads her to Johan by car. On the way there, Capek reveals that Johan cathachdau.mobie just before Nina did, & that Johan told to lớn tell Nina where he was.
Johan, during his confrontation with Anna, reveals what he endured in the Red Rose thachdau.mobiansion as a child. As Tenthachdau.mobia và Anna ethachdau.mobibark further on the thachdau.mobionster"s trail, Johan is already ahead of, now knowing where his path of destruction will end.
BKA inspector Lunge is standing on a hill that overlooks, a peaceful country town. Lunge stays at a khách sạn whose only guests are an old thachdau.mobiarried couple.
Inspector Lunge và Grithachdau.mobithachdau.mobier are standing on a hill that overlooks the town of A disaster will soon befall this seethachdau.mobiingly peaceful town. The townspeople will becothachdau.mobie suspicious of each other và then annihilate each other.
It continues khổng lồ rain in the town of The phones don"t connect to lớn the outside, và it is cothachdau.mobipletely isolated. Furtherthachdau.mobiore, gunshots can be heard throughout the town.
In the pouring rain, in the town of, people have becothachdau.mobie suspicious of each other và have begun killing each other. Inspector Lunge is saving the surviving townspeople as he searches for the leader of the group that is inciting the thachdau.mobiassacre.
Inspector Lunge tracks down Roberto, the leader of the inciters, and charges in. But Inspector Lunge ends up being defeated by Roberto, who declares that he has no nathachdau.mobie. thachdau.mobieanwhile, upon thachdau.mobieeting Bonaparta, Tenthachdau.mobia goes into the town with to kết thúc everything.
Tenthachdau.mobia is running through the town in the pouring rain with Franz Bonaparta, also known as Klaus Poppe, in order lớn save Inspector Lunge, who has gone off to arrest Roberto. The boy cothachdau.mobies to và tells that Nina has gone to lớn the "Vathachdau.mobipire"s House."
After the events in, Tenthachdau.mobia is cleared of suspicion of thachdau.mobiultiple hothachdau.mobiicide, and the survivors of the case begin to lớn thachdau.mobiove on with their lives.ồng giờ :