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Bạn đang xem: Saint seiya: legend of sanctuary

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From the dawn of time, there have been warriors who protected the Goddess Athena. Once forces of evil appear, these warriors, called the Saints will present themselves. A young woman, Saori Kido, learns about this force known as "Cosmos" and that she is the reincarnation of Athena, protector of love & peace on Earth. However, the Pope of the Sanctuary, who is in the charge of all the Saints, does not take kindly khổng lồ Saori, and targets her for usurping the identity of Athena. An assassin is sent out to lớn kill her. Fortunately, one of the Bronze Saints, Seiya, manages to protect her. But will Seiya be able lớn protect Saori through khổng lồ the end in the gripping saga of Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary?

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This movie is a re-imagination of basic Saint Seiya concepts. It uses the Zodiac Temples Arc as a base to its plot. So, I'll consider it as an original work for the most part in this review, as I don't like taking something as a bad thing just because it isn't the same as the old one. The problem is, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary has a big flaw in its concept: you can't fit this Arc in a single movie, no matter how hard you try.Lot of concepts are left mở cửa because the movie doesn't have time to lớn explain them khổng lồ you. While it settles a new universe in Saint Seiya franchise, it can't explain itself without relying on fan's knowledge.Due vì the movie format, most of the Gold Saints have no personality at all. With the exception of Aldebaran, Aiolia và Death Mask, they couldn't look more lượt thích coadjutors. Milo, who was one of the best re-imagined characters, suffered with little screen time. Aphrodite almost didn't appear at all.The art was fantastic. The movie's style is a mix of Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts, with heavy anime influence, specially in humor scenes. Overall, visually speaking, the battles were very well done. The first appearance of Aiolia created an epic atmosphere. They changed visuals for a lot of characters, Milo even changing gender. I received this all with a positive reaction. Unfortunately, the fights are really short because the movie doesn't have time and the story needs to lớn go on.The same can be said about the sounds effects. Ambient & movement sounds were very good & matched what we consider an AAA production.Being honest, I don't think this movie was bad. I enjoyed it. But its pretty clear you can't tell a story like this in one hour & half, and the move suffers from its stupidly fast peace. I would love to see this universe of Saint Seiya in another format lượt thích a CG series, even with lower production value. But, in the end, its an 'original' story that can't explain itself và feels too rushed.